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Straw Returning Machine DC4000


Functions and Applications

CB series products are suitable for returning hard straw such as chopped corn straw, sunflower stalk, cotton stalk and shrub. Rollers and sledges can be configured. The sled and wheel can adjust the height to adapt to different working conditions. 
1.Configuration of 2-6 steering wheels according to different models The model of BC3200 or more is equipped with dual-drive system. 
2.The large and small wheels can exchange to produce different output speeds. 
3.Rotor dynamic balance detection to ensure the smooth operation of the rotor. Independent assembly, easy to disassemble and repair. 
4.Adopt independent rotating unit and heavy bearing configuration. 
5.Double-layer interlaced wear-resistant cutter with internal debris removal device is adopted.

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Straw Returning Machine DC4000


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